President’s Perspective

It has been an unusual year to date.  The challenge of the winter here in Roque Bluffs is still being talked about.  From January 27th to the end of March conservatively 144″ of snow fell.  We who lived through it could hardly believe how much snow we had.  Plowing was augmented by the use of front loaders.  We still had large piles of snow in April.  Snow birds returning in May and June heard lots of stories about this winter.  The road just above the Chapel was down to one lane and the road signs we see today disappeared for two months.  Blessedly the Chapel weathered this winter well.  However, the winter took its toll on our community both emotionally and economically.  Because of the cold winter residents used more fuel than in recent years.  Fishermen are suffering.  Because of the low water temperature of the ocean, the lobsters have not come in (as of this writing).  Plans for the 14th season have been made.   A list of the pastors is included at the end as well as the dates of our special events.