Pastor David’s Desk

It’s a new season, the warmer weather has arrived at long last in Maine and summer is here!  God is faithful to us every year in bringing about the seasons without fail.  And so with summer upon us our chapel has opened again for worship, teaching, fellowship and community – as well as a host of other things!  It is wonderful to be with the chapel community again and renew fellowship again with those who are with us for the summer.  As always we have a mixture of old and new things happening at the chapel this season.  We have many of our regular faithful ministers again but also some new ones.  We have many of our usual events but also some different ones planned.  And that is good!  As has been said ‘the only thing constant in life is change.’

All living organisms change and so our chapel community must adapt and grow as the Spirit leads us.  Summer is a season of growth and I look forward to what God is going to do amongst us.  But change is not always easy, transitions are not quick; new events and practices take time and patience to get established.  In Proverbs 3:6 it says “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”  Let us remember to keep our focus on God and he will guide us in all we do.

May God bless you and our chapel community this summer. Don’t forget to pray!