New Handout/More Facebook Postings

One thing we have done this year is to make a folder of the services and the activities of the Chapel.  It is put in all the cookbooks that are for sale in businesses.  It was also handed out to all the viewers of the art show.  We hand them out whenever we can.  Members are invited to take several with them and give them to their friends and neighbors.

We are also posting more on our Facebook page, the following is the link:

We are also exploring setting up a website.  We will keep you posted.


I was watching Lucy, our black lab, retrieve sticks in the river.  Tide was coming in and the current was swift.  Bob would throw the stick and Lucy did not swim toward it but instead headed upriver.  Each time she arrived at just the place the stick did.  Her ability to anticipate where it would be was consistent.    It is a reminder that we need to pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us to anticipate the changes and meet the forthcoming needs in both the Chapel and our community.

In Christ’s love,

Karen H. Miller, President

Marilyn Y. Shipman, Secretary