Collaboration with Community Center and State Park

June 20th the Chapel and the Center collaborated in holding the first “Arts in the Bluffs” Art show.  Twelve local artists participated with a variety of media.  There was a steady stream of viewers who were really interested in the artists.  It was held from 1 to 4.  At 4:30 the Solstice Celebration in the Park took place.

The Executive Board met with the officers of the Community Center for informal conversations about the areas where we can collaborate on June 23rd.  This was followed by a meeting on the 28th of the Board of Directors of the Chapel and the Officers and decision makers of the Center.  Areas were identified where we are alike and different.  We are different because we have a salary to pay for our part time pastor.  It was agreed that we already collaborate on the yard sale and The Arts in the Bluffs.  We share a booth at the Blueberry Festival and we will work together to prepare a flyer on Roque Bluffs to be handed out at the information booth for the festival.  We work together to put out the community calendar for May/June, July/August which is made available to the community. It was suggested that some of the members of the community center help with the BBQ by baking cookies and bars.  The officers of both groups will continue to have ongoing conversations at regular intervals.  It is good to talk together about our community and how we fit into it and how we can support each other.  This collaboration began last fall when the Chapel and the Center worked together on the Thanksgiving Service and honored our volunteer firemen.  We will do so again this year.  The firemen are looking forward to another such service.