Changes in the Community

Our community is changing.  It saddened all of us as Chris Evans (Eleanor Graf’s nephew) lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on March 9th.  Chris and his family had come to Roque Bluffs for many years.  Another loss is that of Rick Sloan–Bob Sloan’s wife.  Many remember them walking here in Roque Bluffs.  Bob sang in Roque Bluffs Singers.  We know that some members of our community are facing decisions about moving closer to children.  These are hard choices and will affect our community.  In short change is happening.  Many changes are happy and hopeful but at times it is unsettling to everyone.  Together we can face it and support those who are faced with such changes.

One such need is with Jay and Vicki Kelley.   They are facing many challenges and changes. Let us support them with prayer and also by sending notes to them to let them know that they are being thought of.  Cards may be sent to 501 Great Cove Road, Roque Bluffs, ME 04654.

Our strength is that we are an interdenominational faith community.  We have a rich and varied tapestry of traditions to choose from.  Such traditions enhance our spiritual growth and spiritual development both individually and as a group.  It provides us with strength when it is needed, and a loving supportive community as well.